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اطلاعات Alba

این کشوررومانی
ISO 3166-2RO-AB

شهرها و روستاها Alba

اطلاعات و دانلود Alba

شهرها و روستاها۷۸
تعداد ساکنان۳۸۲,۰۲۵ ساکنان
Alba Iulia ۶۶,۳۶۹ ساکنان
Ceru-Băcăinți ۳۷۶ ساکنان
منطقه۱۱,۳۴۹ کیلومتر مربع
Ciuruleasa ۵,۵۸۵ کیلومتر مربع
Abrud ۳/۲ کیلومتر مربع
تراکم جمعیت۳۳/۷ /کیلومتر مربع
Cugir ۵,۰۶۸ /کیلومتر مربع
Ciuruleasa ۰/۲ /کیلومتر مربع
میانگین ارتفاع۴۳۶ m (۱,۴۳۱ ft)
منطقه زمانیUTC +2:00

نقشه Alba

آب و هوا Alba

  1. آب و هوای قاره ای مرطوب با تابستان معتدل ۱۰۰ %

هتل ها Alba

هتل ها Hotel HermesHotel Hermes

Alba Iulia
Located in the Cetate district of Alba Iulia, Hotel Hermes offers spacious rooms just 10 minutes’ walk from the fortified Alba Carolina centre. It features a restaurant and games room... نمایش بیشتر
هتل ها Pension Montana PopaPension Montana Popa

Set in the centre of Blaj in Transylvania, Pension Montana Popa features an elegant in-house restaurant with bar, which serves international cuisine. A gym, sauna and massages are also available... نمایش بیشتر
€ 35
هتل ها Hotel NickyHotel Nicky

Located in Arini Park, Hotel Nicky enjoys natural surroundings just 2 km from Sebes city centre. The hotel has tennis courts, a small football field and a sauna, and all rooms have a balcony. Units are spacious and have a private bathroom... نمایش بیشتر
€ 39
هتل ها Fort HostelFort Hostel
Alba Iulia
In Alba Iulia, situated within the Old Citadel, Fort Hostel features a bar, serves free coffee for the guests, and offers free WiFi in the entire building. Bicycles can be rented on site... نمایش بیشتر
€ 12
هتل ها Pension MarylouPension Marylou

Alba Iulia
Situated in a residential area, Pension Marylou offers spacious rooms with free WiFi and a flat-screen TV, just 1.2 km away from Alba Iulia’s historic area and the Roman Catholic Cathedral... نمایش بیشتر
€ 41

صفحه Alba

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